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GT2-P2 Public Open Space

GT2-P2 The Ratio of Public Open Space per 1,000 population

Definitionof public open space refers to the provisions of section 2 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172). Open space can generally be defined as an area or public place used for recreational purposes without the imposition of any charges for entry.

 In detail, it includes the following two categories:

 i. open spacein development schemes conveyed to state authorities at the approval stage of applications for planning permission or upon approval of an application for subdivision

ii. open space andrecreation areas such as game courts, football fields, municipal parks, territorial parks, etc. developed by local authorities or relevant agencies.


Public open spaceis measured based on a target of 2 hectares of public open space per 1,000 population of the city (or 20 square meters per person) by 2020 for urban areas only. The provision of public open space is necessary so that residents can enjoy sufficient recreational facilities for leisure purposes, improving health, and for greenery.

Data Source
  • Local Authorities


A.  Area of public open space (ha) in the area during the year

B. Total urban population in the area during the year

Formula Standards Score Target

GT2-P2 = (1,000/B) x A


AArea of public open space (ha) in the area during the year.

BTotal urban population in the area during the year

> 1.5 hectare : 1,000 population

 1 – 1.5 hectare : 1,000 population  

< 1 hectare : 1,000 population 






> 2 hectare : 1,000 population